Personal Injury

Personal Injury law, more perhaps than any other form of lawyering, requires a firm that is willing and able to listen to its clients. The causation and nature of an injury, the treatment undergone, the pain and difficulty suffered…all of these elements weave together in the story of the injured client. The role of the personal injury lawyer is not to chase ambulances, as the stereotype goes, but rather is to listen to the client, and share the client’s story with judges and juries. The personal injury lawyer must make sure that all concerned understand the nature and severity of the injuries to the client’s physical, mental and emotional state.

We bring experience in representing victims of personal injury. We understand the difficulties that can arise in interacting with insurance companies, doctors who seek payment, and lawyers for your adversary, and we take the burden off of your shoulders. The last thing an injured person needs is the stress of worrying about being compensated for an injury wrongfully suffered.

Our goal is to use the legal system and our expertise to take a wounded client and make him or her whole again. We listen to your needs and experiences, and share your story with those who need to learn of your plight. For a consultation on your individual experiences, please fill out the following information today.