Buyer Forms

Buyer Name

Property Address

Closing Date

Phone Number


Buyer Current Address


Loan Officer

Lender E-mail

Lender Phone Number

Loan Type ConventionalFHAVAGA DreamUSDAOther

Length of loan 15 Yr50 YrOther

Interest Rate %

Homeowners Insurance
  Insurance Company

  Agent Name

  Phone Number

Are you an LLC, partnership, trust or corporation?
  If so, please provide the following as applicable to your entity:
   LLC- A copy of the Operating Agreement and/or Corporate Resolution authorizing signer.
   Corporation- A copy of the By-Laws and/or Corporate Resolution authorizing signer.
   Trust- A copy of the Abstract of Trust.
   Partnership- A copy of the partnership agreement.

Is there a Power of Attorney or will you be needing a Power of Attorney drafted for the sale of this property?
Our fee for drafting and recording a Power of Attorney is $60.00.
I do not need a Power of AttorneyI need you to draft a Power of AttorneyI already have a Power of Attorney

  Name of Power of Attorney:

  Their current address:

  Phone Number:

  If one is already drafted and signed, please provide a copy immediately and bring us the original at or before closing.

  We will need the original Power of Attorney to close.

If you CANNOT attend closing, will you need documents to be mailed-out to you? The fee for this is $150.00.
I will attend the closing, I will not need the documents mailed to meI cannot attend closing and I need the documents mailed to me

  If you need the the documents mailed to you, are you able to receive emails, print and scan documents instead?
   If so, please provide email address to send documents to:
   If no, you cannot receive closing documents via email, please provide the physical address of where you will want us to send the documents to:

Will this property be your new permanent mailing address?

If no, please provide a physical address for any post-closing documents and correspondence: